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10 Best sex Scandals in Italy

Every nation and every era have their own sex scandals and Italy, in its glorious history, certainly had also its share. Since the Roman's times, Italians have tried to hide what happened in the secrecy of their bedrooms, but some events were simply too much to hide, or weren't hid to begin with.
Talking about sex and the Italians isn't a cheap way to intercept voyeuristic intentions, but is a way to understand how italian society has evolved as a whole. What was forbidden in the past, very nearly became commonplace behaviour just a few years later. Let's look at some of the most spoken ones that created interest in the public.

1) Cicciolina:

talian sex news: Cicciolina in 2009 ( cicciolina is 58 in this image )

Ilona Staller, alias Cicciolina is one of the better known names in the porno industry; a Hungarian native, who found success and money becoming a porno diva in Italy, she starred in 38 adult movies. Besides being "appreciated" for her "revealing talent" and "biological actions", Staller made the world news for entering the Italian Parliament as a congresswoman, a first-ever case. Cicciolina was indeed presented by Marco Pannella and his Radical Party to the political elections, and after a very "colorful" campaign, she was elected. Ironically, it made the news more internationally than in Italy itself. What it is amazing about this story is that Ilona was elected during an era where Internet and reality shows did not exist and porno and X-rated material were not exactly "politically" correct.
2) Vladimir Luxuria:
Vladimir Luxuria is another case of a "special" entry in the Italian Parliament, where Italy once again was the first to elect a transgender. This time, the new Communist Party gave her/him this opportunity. Luxuria, who is in show business, is still legally and biologically a man, but clearly living as a woman. A person of high sensitivity and intelligence, Vladimir, after being elected, was able to open the eyes of many Italians and created awareness about the transgender community in the country.
Italian sex news : Vladimir Luxuria MP and Transgeder

3) Pietro Marrazzo:
This is a true scandal, with little room to escape. An episode that lead to a dramatic outcome and even several deaths. Marrazzo, then governor of Lazio (the region of Rome), was caught on camera in a bedroom with a transvestite. But that was not all, the transgender was an in Italy illegally, but Marazzo was used to go to his home apparently on a weekly base for sex and to buy cocaine. Marrazzo, a married man and a father, ended up resigning and retiring to a private life. As the scandal exploded, a couple of transvestite related to the incident died, revealing a much darker scenario than a simple affair. In all that nonsense, great respect and honor to Marrazzo's wife, whose conduct and behavior has been impeccable all along.

4) Silvio Berlusconi:
For political fairness, we must mention the lifestyle of  former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a known womanizer. Indeed, his second marriage ended after his wife, in a very public statement, denounced Berlusconi's lifestyle, saying that his husband was "ill" and "in need of help". Since the end of the marriage, many women claimed to be part of a non well-defined berlusconian harem and, in three instances, the rumors became front-page news. S

5) Lapo Elkan:
Thank God, Lapo survived the most difficult experience of his life. After an overdose of drugs in the house of a transgender friend, Lapo was rushed to the hospital, nearly death. A long recovery period in the Unites Sates allowed Elkan to fully get back on his feet. His social image, slightly damaged at first,  also fully recovered.

6) Cosimo Mele:
A Catholic congressman of very conservative views, Cosimo Mele was caught cheating on his wife and family with a prostitute, maybe even two, one of them almost dying of a cocaine overdose during one of their encounters.
Cosimo Mele

7) Melissa P.:
A young, a very young woman, and a very talented writer. Melissa claims to have had sex with several male partners at the same time, and wrote one of the most successful novel of recent years based on that experience. Melissa's personal life and literary work made front page and led her to notoriety and some wealth. Many accuse her of being a terrible example of her generation, but she answers with brilliant writing and intelligent TV appearances. Sex experimenting and morality are not necessarily opposite.

8) The "Vallettopoli" Scandal:
A still very unclear scandal was the one related to a group of girls with tv career's dreams, for whom jobs would have been found in exchange for sexual favors. Many politicians were involved, included Silvio Berlusconi who, in his position as Prime Minister, pressured the Italian public broadcasting company to engage some of these showgirls. Greatly dig by the media, the scandal never fully exploded legally, as nobody was formally charged of anything.

9) Lele Mora & Corona:
Two of the kings of Italian social life, paparazzi and personality managers. Recently Mora confessed to have had an homosexual relationship with Corona, creating a huge fuzz, considering that Corona, involved in many other scandals on his own, is seen as a sex symbol by a certain female world.

10) Tiziano Ferro:
This last one is not really a scandal, but a beautiful and poetic coming out. Tiziano Ferro, one of Italy's best and most famous singers, recently reveled to be gay. A great story of courage and social awareness, for a man that with his music delights many souls.
Tiziano Ferro, famous italian pop singer
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