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Armani/Casa Unveils New Collection in Milan

Armani/Casa Presents its New 2011-2012 Home Collection at the Salone del Mobile

At Milan's recent Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair Armani/Casa debuted its 2011-2012 home collection to the eyes of the world. The houseware brand, which allows you to bring the understated elegance synonymous with the Giorgio Armani name to your home decor, featured concepts for both a "city/metropolitan house" and a "mountain/country home."
The inspiration of the collection was balance and "the pursuit of symmetry and harmony, achieving a synthesis that expresses warmth and well-being," according to Armani/Casa. The shapes seen in the concept designs are meant to be hard and soft, functional and elegant. The idea of designing products especially meant for unique locations and home styles is also a new approach for the brand.

Images from Armani/Casa 2011-2010 Home Collection via
According to Armani/Casa the new idea "signals a new approach to interior design, one that replaces traditional concepts with solutions adapted to different environments." For 2011-2010 "two separate looks have been defined: 'Metropolitan Home,' where glamour and sophistication come to the fore, and 'Holiday Home,' where the emphasis is on comfort with a positive accent on practicality, but always with an ultra-warm ambience."
The Metropolitan Home design was based on the layout of an urban townhouse and the designs utilize elegant and modern materials like glossy black maple, earth-evoking parchment and elegant brass. The colors and fabrics all tend towards the neutral, simple and paired down.
On the other hand the Holiday Home design is one focused not just on function but comfort, bringing the outdoors in and drawing inspiration from the nature surrounding many of these dwellings. The brand refers to the "color and three-dimensional properties of the wood" used which become "part of the structure of the space, creating a relaxed and dynamic 'beach hut' effect" that is still quintessentially Armani. Moreover, "the functional aspects of the furniture are emphasised by practical details, such as the arm and head rests at the sides and backs of the sofas, the always luxuriously padded chairs and the useful drawers under the beds."
Fabrics are another story in this collection, all of which come from the Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles line by Rubelli Collection, while the bathroom designs are based on systems from Armani/Roca that have been created in charcoal-lacquered oak and smoked cherry woods. These units are all available made to measure so that you can customize your space to your tastes and needs. The fabrics created by Rubelli include "mottled velvets, faux plain-effect woven silks and fabrics with three-dimensional textures" as well as the introduction of an entirely new set of prints, some inspired by the 20s and 30s.
Based on the presentation by Armani/Casa, muted tones, natural elements and understated glamour are what's on the menu for 2011-2012. As always, the Giorgio Armani aesthetic is about a sense of style and a way of life that defies trends and works as a mix of function, quality and beauty. And, really, who wouldn't want to bring a little of the Armani magic into their home?


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