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Inspired by TimeOut London’s recent piece on ‘the bold new wave of coffee shops perking up London’, we thought we’d ask you for your coffee house recommendations. Gemma Smyth starts us off with a few coffee places worth a visit when you’re on your travels (whether that be across London or across the world!). Tell us your favourites below.
I have to be honest…I don’t drink coffee. I know, it’s shocking but I just never got through the ‘it’s too bitter for me to drink’ phase. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good coffee house. Probably the most famous coffee house has to be the fictional (or is it?!) Central Perk from 90′s sitcom Friends. Like Friends a good coffee house where you can hang out, read a book, take a date, enjoy some cake – and maybe even a coffee – never gets boring.
I asked the office – and our Twitter followers – for their top tips and came up with this list of must-visit coffee houses across the world. Share your own tips below.

Epoch Coffee – Austin, Texas

Epoch is known for its bohemian feel and 24/7 opening hours, as well as their work with local charities and businesses; this is a community place. Plus we hear that there’s a book swap shelf, always a bonus. As far as the drinks go the ‘Christopher Robin’ has been recommended.

Cafe Marwood – Brighton, UK

They title their website as ‘Kick Arse Coffee and Life Changing Cake’. Quirky and geeky – featuring artwork, film and TV paraphernalia all over the walls – they have the best door knob too, a mannequin’s hand. Nice coffee and cake…but with Cafe Marwood it’s all about the great atmosphere.

Mahogny Coffee - Gothenburg, Sweden

Suggested by Rough Guides travel writer Steven Vickers, along with Rosenkaf√©et (also in Gothenburg) and Harlequin Coffee and Tea House in York.

Queenies Lunchroom and Takapuna Beach Cafe and Store, New Zealand

Another couple of great spots in a country renowned for its coffee. |

Where are your favourite coffee shops?



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